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A Brand New Way to Get a Film Made

Chris Caldwell & Zeek Earl

Chris and Zeek are the writer/director team behind PROSPECT, an indie sci-fi film that broke through the ceiling of its budget and has since gone on to find its audience on streaming.

Even though Chris and Zeek were happy with their film, they couldn’t help but think that there must be a better way to get a budget for their film while retaining creative control and including the wider community around the project. With the birth of NFTs, they think they have found that answer.

Today, Ryan chats with the filmmakers about their new venture with The Fringe and how it might change how films are made forever.

Independent Filmmaking: Pitching, Budgeting, & Casting

Via Twitter Spaces, Ryan interviews Scott Glassgold, who answers an array of questions in regards to pitching, budgeting, casting your lead, look books, studio vs. independent filmmaking, and funding feature and TV projects.

Scott Glassgold is a Manager and Producer with well over a decade of experience. After getting his start at New Line Cinema and Disney, Scott Founded Ground Control, an innovative Management, and Production company. From there, he’s gone on to nurture several short films and initial ideas to final feature films – such as Prospect and The Beyond.

Recently Scott has driven several high-profile deals like his recent 7 figure sale of “My Wife and I Bought a Ranch” to Netflix

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The Importance of a 1st AD

The importance of the First Assistant Director can’t be understated. They set the tone for the crew, keep the production on schedule, and are one of the closest allies of the director.

And this is the role Hristo Dimitrov fills with ease. With films like Rambo: Last Blood, Hunter Killer, Paul, Apostle of Christ, and the recent Netflix original Concrete Cowboy on his resume, it’s safe to say that Hristo is no stranger to the ins and outs of the process.

Today Ryan chats with Hristo about the responsibilities and challenges a 1st AD faces during the making of a feature film.

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Directing Extraction with Sam Hargrave

Sam Hargrave is the director behind the new Netflix original, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth.

While Extraction is Sam’s first feature as a director, it’s far from his first experience with action. With credits in Atomic Blonde, Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, and End Game, Sam has been a part of creating some of the most exciting action of the last 10 years.

In this episode, Sam talks about his path to the director’s chair and how he handles action to create those visceral gut-punch-style action sequences.

More from Sam

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Writing & Directing ‘I Care a Lot’

J Blakeson is the writer/director behind the new Netflix original, I Care a Lot, starring Rosamund Pike.

J started his career like many of us did, making films with his friends and just trying to figure it out. By 21, he had his first agent and went about trying to get his scripts made. After some years of frustration, J took matters into his own hands and wrote a film that he knew he could make himself with the resources he had. That film ended up being his breakout feature, The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Since then, J has carved a spot for himself in the feature and television world with his unique voice, leading to his latest and possibly best film.

More from J

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Writing for Film and Television

What is “your voice”? Should you start with theme, character, a concept? So many questions flood your brain when you sit down to write, especially when first starting out.

Today Ryan chats with the incredible Dayna Lynne North (Writer, Showrunner, and Executive Producer for properties like Veronica Mars, and most recently Insecure for HBO). Ryan and Dayna dive into what your voice is, how she gets started on a project, and what guides her through the writing process.

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PODCAST: EPISODE 13 – Corin Hardy

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Corin Hardy talks about his experience as a horror director on his latest film, The Nun.


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