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Dayna Lynne North

What is “your voice”? Should you start with theme, character, a concept? So many questions flood your brain when you sit down to write, especially when first starting out.

Today Ryan chats with the incredible Dayna Lynne North (Writer, Showrunner, and Executive Producer for properties like Veronica Mars, and most recently Insecure for HBO). Ryan and Dayna dive into what your voice is, how she gets started on a project, and what guides her through the writing process.

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PODCAST: EPISODE 32 – Yolanda T. Cochran, P.G.A.

What the hell does a producer do? When every production can have five different versions of them, it’s no wonder this is a recurring question. Well, today we have the definitive answer as Ryan “sits down” with Yolanda T. Cochran, VP Production, Walt Disney Television/Freeform.

Yolanda brings nearly two and a half decades of knowledge from her work on such films a “Book of Eli,” “The Blind Side,” and “Point Break.” She and Ryan chat about the various roles of the producer, why writers aren’t usually on set, how a budget is pulled together, and the current state of the industry amidst COVID-19.



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