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PODCAST: EPISODE 06 – Ryan Booth

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Today’s guest is Ryan Booth (Writer/Director with credits ranging from music videos and commercial work to film ). On this episode, the two Ryans talk about directing and their personal pathways toward making their first features.


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The folks at Westcott are the originators of the Flexible LED system and the Ice Light2, which are two pieces of gear I always find myself reaching for. Check out our full review of the two lights on Film Riot: FLEX LIGHT REVIEW

We also used the Ice Light in a recent episode of Film Riot where we made a forest/Jungle scene indoors.

And of course, UpDesk!

The UpDesk “Home” is a 60-inch long x 30-inch wide desktop features a premium high-pressure laminate surface with an all-black wood grain finish. Move your entire workspace up or down with a single press of a button. Check it out here: UpDesk Home.


Connect with Ryan Booth:
Ryan on IMDB
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Ryan on Twitter
Ryan’s Website
Ryan on Vimeo

Connect with Ryan Connolly:
Ryan on Twitter
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Ryan on IMDB
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Some of Ryan’s work:


RODE Procaster
RODE Boom Arm
Scarlett 2i2


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